Aanhane Waspeen
Sinds 1959

Aanhane Carrots is a family built company based in Noordwijkerhout, in the center of the famous Bollenstreek area. We are specialized in growing and processing snack carrots, year round daily fresh. Our company still uses traditional methods combined with some modern craftsmanship to supply our clients with the most sweet carrots. For three generations we have been growing our product alongside the Dutch coast, known for its exceptional soil structures. This gives our carrots a unique tasting experience.


We are harvesting our Dutch carrots every week of the year, directly from the field our product will be washed in ice water, to make sure the tasty characteristics will be preserved and to extend the freshness. We can grade our orange product in specific sizes, with our smallest baby carrots, snack carrots, and bigger sized winter carrots. Besides bulk volumes we are able to pack the carrots in consumer packagings.

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When we have found the most suitable fields, our season starts in spring when we are sowing our carrots to make sure that the carrots will grow into the size we need. By the beginning of June we start to harvest our new, fresh and most tasty carrots. When the temperature drops down by the end of autumn we are covering our fields with straw, to protect the carrots during the cold winters. The same protective straw will keep the high temperatures out of the soil in spring, to make sure our carrots will keep their bright orange color and delicious taste.


We give the highest need of attention to the environment and we are focussing on product safety with all our activities. Our company has achieved various international certificates over the years, such as On the way to Planetproof and GLOBAL GAP.

Are you looking for the most fresh and tasty Dutch snack carrots? Please use the link below and get in contact with us!